The Poster As Art

When first heard, the term ‘posters’ usually conjures up the thought of those objects most found on the walls of college dorms, or children’s rooms. Disposable art designed to fill a void quickly and inexpensively.

The “poster as art” is a term not as easily evident. What makes a poster art, because indeed many posters are art, admired and studied by large groups, collected by passionate admirers, and commanding prices that one wouldn’t usually associate with a poster?

Like any form of art, three things are required, first an artist with skill and style, second, a subject that captures the imagination, and third, and audience who understands and supports the vision of the artist.

In the golden age of poster advertising from the 1880’s and the wide spread acceptance of stone lithography, to the late 1930’s when war brought a halt to all things, poster art was the preeminent form of advertising throughout the world. Great artists created posters as a normal course of business and these posters found an audience and most importantly, sustained one to this day.

Upon study you’ll see the talent and the quality of subject and come to understand why these posters are indeed considered art. Stunning, evocative, intriguing and stylish are words that apply. Yes most are advertisements, and yes, some people look at the advertising world with contempt, so be it; but an open mind will look at posters by Toulouse-Lautrec, Mucha, Cheret, Broders, Cassandre and Cappiello and recognize the skill and beauty of the work. It was designed to catch a passing eye and keep the image in that mind’s eye long after viewing; to bring the viewer back to the ad, not with the words but the image. Enjoy your visit and we hope we can help you

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