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Air France



This 1940 image shows all the cultures visited by Air France. With the famous Air France ‘hippocampe alle’ (seahorse) logo in the background and a Dewoitine D.338 tri-motor in AF markings out front, this poster is an example of the great posters created by the company. The French have always been pioneers in transportation and the Dewoitine was a series of planes designed to carry passengers over the high mountains of France and the oceans that separated the vast colonies of the French Empire. With a range of 1200 miles, the D.338 carried 24 passengers and a crew of two. It’s cruising speed was 160 mph. In the Far East, Air France configured several D.338 as luxury liners with twelve plush seats and sleeping accommodations for six. Dewoitine went to war building military aircraft but like so many companies did not survive into the post war era.