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Source Parot



Parot is a French mineral water company located in Saint-Romain-le-Puy, in the Loire. Source Parot literally identifies the source on the water, the Parot. G. Favre created this poster in the 1930’s and it features the a stylized version of the company’s symbolic mascot, the sea serpent clutching a bottle of Parot mineral water. This art deco masterpiece is symbolic of the era. This is an oversized poster that will highlight any room.

Saint Amour




Domaine le Moulin Berger is a winery in the Saint Amour region of Beaujolais. Phillip Sommer created this poster in 1998.

Cordial Medoc



Cordial – Médoc liqueur, first produced in 1878 by G. A. Jourde is a liqueur. It contains fruits spices, and herbs including Orange from the island of Curacao Cocoa bean, Vanilla, Violets, and Prunes macerated in a cognac based spirit, blended with wine distillate (Eau de Vie) made from the fine wines of the world famous Médoc area, hence the name Cordial – Médoc meaning “Liqueur from Medoc”.

This great poster from the art-deco is by Henri Le Monnier circa 1930. This is the small version of the poster.

Chateau Lapeyre St Emilion



Philippe Sommer continues with his theme of stylized women promoting French wines. Chateau Lapeyre  is in the St. Emilion region of Bordeaux. This poster is from 1998.

Bagnoles de L’Orne



Bagnoles de L’Orne is a spa town in the Lower Normandy region of France. Legend has it that a medieval lord, concerned that his favorite horse, Rapide, was reaching the end of its life, abandoned it in the forest near Bagnoles. Sometime later the horse returned home in great health and took its master back to the waters of Bagnoles were he too was rejuvenated, thus the Spa was born. This poster from 1937 is by the great French posterist, Paul Colin.


DSC_0843Lourdes in Southwestern France was the site of Ste. Bernadette’s visions in 1859. Since then the small town has become a pilgrimage site for Roman Catholics with over 60 miraculous cures attributed. A photo image poster for the late 60’s. Linen mounted with abrasions in the image. See photo.


DSC_0842Nice and the French Riviera have been great tourist locales since the railroads first took passengers from Paris to Nice in the 1880’s. This poster from the late 60’s shows the famous beach and promenade. Linen mounted with abrasions. See photo.




From 1919 until 1959, the Williams Brothers created the Favor brand of two wheeled vehicles in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Little known by all but a few avid collectors today, Favor bicycles, motor bikes and motorcycles were popular in France between the wars. Even more popular today are the series of Favor posters produced to advertise the company’s products. This stunning oversized poster shows all three of the Favor ‘bikes’.