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A Bern-Lotschberg-Simplon Ae6/8 electric motor pulls a passenger train out of the Lotschberg Tunnel under the Swiss Alps. The tunnel, completed in 1912 allowed swift passage between Berne, the capital of Switzerland and Milan, Italy by joining up with the already completed Simplon Tunnel. This poster by Plinio Columbi who was well known for his posters of Swiss Alpine scenery.

Holland via Harwich


Holland Harwich



Harwich is one of the Haven ports on the southeast coast of England.  Long known as starting point for journeys to Holland and all of Europe, the LNER (London, Northeastern Railway) operated connecting train service from London to Harwich where travelers would continue on by ferry to the Hook of Holland and connecting train service to all points in Europe. A favorite theme of the LNER was advertising the trip to Holland via Harwich and many posters were created over the years with this heading. This poster by the legendary Frank Newbould is one of the best. This poster is framed.




The Matlocks is a rural region of Derbyshire in Northern England.  Known for its spas and hiking and claiming trails it remains a popular destination for the outdoor types. This is a framed poster from the 1930’s by artist George Ayling.

Rainier National Park (Northern Pacific RR)

NP Ranier

Rainier National Park is one of the oldest in America’s national park system being established in 1899. The Yakima gateway was an improved entryway into the park from the town of Yakima southeast of the Park itself. Northern Pacific Railroad operated trains from Minneapolis/St Paul to Seattle, with a stop in Yakima. Sidney Laurence created several posters for the NP of the Northwestern States and Alaska.




Cuba was once a premier tourist attraction for the East Coast of America and advertising its beaches, casinos, and tourist sites was common. That all changed in 1959 when the Cuban Revolution came to power. This poster from 1950 is quite rare and shows the scenes of Cuba through the image of a beautiful sun worshipper.




In 1951, the airline industry was exploring new aircraft in the last days of propellor driven passenger travel. Pan-Am, always an innovator, started flying their Boeing B-337 Stratocruisers in the late 40’s. A double decked plane with sleeping berths and a lounge – the B-337 flew most of Pan-Am’s most famous routes. To celebrate the craft Pan-Am published a series of posters that highlighted destinations and the craft itself. This one is from 1951 and is for Glasgow, Scotland.





From 1895, this stunning poster by Hugo D’Alesi is in the early travel poster style, highlighted by vignettes of attractions in the region. This one is for the Brittany region of France, the rugged area on the West Coast facing the Atlantic. This poster has been professionally restored with overpainting in the edges and image and some minor  paper tears.

Air France



This 1940 image shows all the cultures visited by Air France. With the famous Air France ‘hippocampe alle’ (seahorse) logo in the background and a Dewoitine D.338 tri-motor in AF markings out front, this poster is an example of the great posters created by the company. The French have always been pioneers in transportation and the Dewoitine was a series of planes designed to carry passengers over the high mountains of France and the oceans that separated the vast colonies of the French Empire. With a range of 1200 miles, the D.338 carried 24 passengers and a crew of two. It’s cruising speed was 160 mph. In the Far East, Air France configured several D.338 as luxury liners with twelve plush seats and sleeping accommodations for six. Dewoitine went to war building military aircraft but like so many companies did not survive into the post war era.