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Blade Runner – Director’s Cut



Harrison Ford has played a wide variety of characters in his career, most like Han Solo, Indian Jones, and Richard Kimble would be described as beloved. But on other occasions, Ford has walked on the wild side such as in this film portraying Rick Deckard, the out of retirement blade runner tasked with capturing four escaped bioengineered beings.  Directed by Ridley Scott following his breakout success with Alien the film remains a cult classic. In 1992, a Director’s Cut of the film was released. A Director’s Cut is the way the film was meant to appear before the studio deleted scenes that were deemed offensive, or made the film run too long. This is a two side poster.

Silent Running



Douglas Trumbull was a special effects wizard, gaining lasting fame for his work on Kubrick’s 2001, A Space Odyssey. In 1972 when environmentalism was in its infancy and ‘post-apocalyptic’ seemed a newly coined phrase, Trumbull directed Silent Running. It stars Bruce Dern as the chief botanist on a biosphere in orbit of Saturn. All plant life on Earth has been destroyed so biospheres were created to nurture new stock grown from seed banks awaiting the opportunity to be returned to Earth and reforestation. When business decisions condemn the biosphere project, Dern takes the initiative to save his biosphere. At times funny, at times very sad, Silent Running remains a cult classic.