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Ireland – Pan Am

Pan Am Ireland


Edward McKnight Kauffer was one of the great mid century artists who made his name on both sides of the Atlantic. Born in Montana he moved to Europe where in the 20’s and 30’s he was a stalwart of Frank Pick’s legendary team working for London Transport and the London Underground. He returned to America in 1940 and began work with Pan-Am and American Airlines which continued until his death in 1954. Kauffer and David Klein are the most collectible of American poster artists. This poster from 1953 is one of the last he created.




In 1951, the airline industry was exploring new aircraft in the last days of propellor driven passenger travel. Pan-Am, always an innovator, started flying their Boeing B-337 Stratocruisers in the late 40’s. A double decked plane with sleeping berths and a lounge – the B-337 flew most of Pan-Am’s most famous routes. To celebrate the craft Pan-Am published a series of posters that highlighted destinations and the craft itself. This one is from 1951 and is for Glasgow, Scotland.