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View of the World From 9th Avenue

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Saul Steinberg always saw humor in the world around him. A View of the World From 9th Avenue was his take on how New Yorkers in the 1970’s and probably today as well viewed the rest of the world. Originally the March 29,1976 cover on The New York er magazine, this poster has become iconic over the years giving Eustace Tilley a run for his money as the iconic representation f the magazine. Oft copied, this is the original poster struck by the magazine in response to customer demand.

New York’s World Fair



The World of Tomorrow was a significant event in the history of America. In the midst of a long lasting depression and a world in turmoil, the New York’s World Fair of 1939/1940 focused on the world of 1964 America. Government and Industry offered their glimpse of what the future held. Television, super highways and fiberglass received their first public viewings ¬†at the fair. Many posters promoted the fair, all featured the Trylon and Perisphere, the symbols of the fair.