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Monaco 1967

DSC_0007The poster for the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix highlights the 1966 race won by Jackie Stewart in a BRM, with Lorenzo Bandini in the number 18 Ferrari coming second. The 1966 race was the first under the new 3.0 liter engine size when revolutionized the sport.  In the 1967 race tragedy struck when Bandini’s Ferrari crashed heavily resulting in his death days later. The 1967 race was won by Denny Hulme, driving a Brabham with an Oldsmobile engine. JYS would win a second Monaco Grand Prix in 1971 in the famous Cosworth Tyrrell.


Monaco 1968

The streDSC_0003ets of Monaco have been synonymous with Grand Prix racing since the first round the corners race in 1929. In 1967, the race pictured in the 1968 poster, Denny Hulme won the race on his way to the World Championship. Grand Prix racing was an eclectic affair in the 1960’s with manufacturers like Ferrari and Honda going against small privateers like Lotus, BRM and Brabham. Jack Brabham and his protege Hulme won consecutive championships in 1966 and 1967 – Brabham’s 1966 championships remain the only one with a driver winning in a car carrying his name. The 1968 race would be won by the King of Monaco, Graham Hill, who took top place 4 times in the decade.