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JYS – Mosport 1971

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.26.01 PMJackie Stewart was the natural succesor to Jim Clark. A Scotsman, John Young Stewart was known as the “Flying Scotsman” and won three world championships, his second in 1971. He won his 6th of 11 races in 1971 at Mosport sharing the podium with Ronnie Peterson and Mark Donohue. 1971 was the second year for the Tyrrell race car, build by team owner Ken Tyrrell. This photo shows Stewart’s Tyrrell, in Scottish Racing Blue, cresting the ridge from the back straight leading into Turn 4.

1972 USGP Watkins Glen



The Glen hosted the USGP for 20 years between 1961 and 1980. Originally it was the most popular venue on the Grand Prix calendar, largely because of its friendly atmosphere away from the adoring European fans and for the prize money. Up until the 1970’s drivers received money for showing up for a race but no prize money for race performance. Watkins Glen needed a way to get the teams and drivers from Europe, so huge, for the time, purses were offered. It wasn’t unusual for a driver to win more money  for three hours of racing at Watkins Glen then he did for the entire season in Europe. 1972 was the year that Jackie Stewart and Francois Cevert finished 1-2 in the Tyrrells.

Monaco 1967

DSC_0007The poster for the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix highlights the 1966 race won by Jackie Stewart in a BRM, with Lorenzo Bandini in the number 18 Ferrari coming second. The 1966 race was the first under the new 3.0 liter engine size when revolutionized the sport.  In the 1967 race tragedy struck when Bandini’s Ferrari crashed heavily resulting in his death days later. The 1967 race was won by Denny Hulme, driving a Brabham with an Oldsmobile engine. JYS would win a second Monaco Grand Prix in 1971 in the famous Cosworth Tyrrell.