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La Fille de Madame Angot


La Fille De Madame Angol


This is a poster for the famous French light opera by Charles Lecocq. First performed in 1872, it remains one of the most popular works of its type and is still widely performed today. This poster is from a 1927 French production.





From 1895, this stunning poster by Hugo D’Alesi is in the early travel poster style, highlighted by vignettes of attractions in the region. This one is for the Brittany region of France, the rugged area on the West Coast facing the Atlantic. This poster has been professionally restored with overpainting in the edges and image and some minor ┬ápaper tears.

La Vie du Rail Hebdomadaire



La Vie du Rail was a French weekly magazine focused on the goings on of the SCNF. This poster for 1960 tells the viewer to “Read the magazine weekly”.




Hauteville-Lompnes is a commune in the Alps of Southeastern France. In addition to its renowned outdoor sports venues, it is also known for its marble deposits used in buildings throughout the world including the Empire State Building.  This area of France was served by the Paris-Lyon-Mediterannee Railway.