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Theatre de la Tour Eiffel

Theatre Tour Eiffel


Parisian’s of the Belle Epoque hated the Eiffel Tower. Now the legendary landmark of the city, the Tower was the centerpiece of the 1889 World’s Fair. It was to stand 20 years but after that the city originally intended to dismantle it. Instead it become a sensation to travelers the world over as well as an important communications tower.  In 1893, the Theatre deal Tour Eiffel opened in the renovated first level restaurant. This is Cheret’s opening poster for the event. This is the Affiches Illustrees version, framed.


DSC_0841Another version of the Eiffel Tower image. This one has some abrasion damage but is still a great image.

Paris – Eiffel Tower




The Eiffel Tower has been the symbol of Paris since it was first erected in 1889 for the World’s Fair. The trip to the top is exciting as the elevators run up the legs of the tower and the view is stunning. Their are three levels and at night, the view of the lights of Paris is hard to top. This poster is from the 1970 time frame and features a photograph of the tower looking from the Trocedero across the Seine with the Champ du Mars in the background.