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Grenoble Exposition 1925



Roger Broders’ early work focused on scenic views of the PLM region. Grenoble, in the French Alps, is a major city that often served as the alpine center of culture and sports. This poster from 1925 heralded the “white coal” or hydroelectric power revolution of the region. Over 1 million people visited the exposition during its May to October run.





Roger Broders was one of the great travel artists of the pre war era. His primary client was the PLM railway that served the south and southeast of France. St. Pierre de Chartreuse is north of Grenoble and birthplace of the Carthusian order, famous, like so many clerical orders for its unique blend of alcohol – Chartreuse.

La Route Du Jura




Roger Broders was the most significant of the Chemins de Fer artists. Of course, his primary client, Paris-Lyon-Mediterranee railway, arguably served the most beautiful regions in all of France, the Alps and the Riviera. Broders’ work for PLM began with scenics of a traditional nature, La Route Du Jura is one of his best.