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USGP Watkins Glen 1979



Watkins Glen was nearing the end of its run when the race was held in 1979. The recession of the 1970’s coupled with bad behavior by some fans caused the track to fall from grace. By the time of the 1979 race, Jody Scheckter had cinched the championship for Ferrari. His teammate, Gilles Villeneuve of Canada would win at the Glen, in wet weather, with Rene Arnoux second and Didier Pironi third. The late 1970’s to early 1980’s saw some of the most competitive racing in F1 history with 11 different drivers winning races in 1982, a far cry from today’s follow the leader racing with only 2-3 winners per season.

2001 USGP Indianapolis

After leaving Watkins Glen in 1980, the US Grand Prix wandered the countryside in search of a venue. Races were held in Detroit, Phoenix and Dallas, before settling on Indianapolis in 2000. Using most of the famous front straight the cars ran clockwise up to Turn Four were the exited for an infield road course that rejoined the famed oval between Turns One and Two. In 2001, Miki Hakkinen won the race driving for McLaren shown here following the Williams BMW of Juan Pablo Montoya.

Porsche LeMans 1998


Porsche has become synonymous with Lemans and sports car racing. The ubiquitous 911 has over 50 class wins at the track, while Porsche prototypes have won a record 17 times. This is the Porsche victory poster for the 1998 race showing the winning and second place GT1’s.

Monaco 1967

DSC_0007The poster for the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix highlights the 1966 race won by Jackie Stewart in a BRM, with Lorenzo Bandini in the number 18 Ferrari coming second. The 1966 race was the first under the new 3.0 liter engine size when revolutionized the sport. ┬áIn the 1967 race tragedy struck when Bandini’s Ferrari crashed heavily resulting in his death days later. The 1967 race was won by Denny Hulme, driving a Brabham with an Oldsmobile engine. JYS would win a second Monaco Grand Prix in 1971 in the famous Cosworth Tyrrell.