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Source Parot



Parot is a French mineral water company located in Saint-Romain-le-Puy, in the Loire. Source Parot literally identifies the source on the water, the Parot. G. Favre created this poster in the 1930’s and it features the a stylized version of the company’s symbolic mascot, the sea serpent clutching a bottle of Parot mineral water. This art deco masterpiece is symbolic of the era. This is an oversized poster that will highlight any room.

Saturday Evening Post December 20, 1941



The Saturday Evening Post was a staple of American life for much of the 20th century. Along with Life, Look and Collier’s, the Post was a weekly that brought the outside world into the American home. The Saturday Evening Post was most famous for Norman Rockwell, the New York¬†artist who captured American life like no one ever has. This is his cover for the December 20, 1941 issue¬†of the Post. It is not the cover itself, which would have been much smaller, but the newsstand poster that would have been displayed to let everyone know the new issue was here. A wonderful Christmas scene sadly misleading since war had been declared two weeks earlier.